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Creative FX are certified XPEL Paint Protection Film installers. Often referred to as ‘PPF’ the film is an invisible urethane layer that protects your vehicles paintwork from everyday damages including scuffs, scratches, chips and more. We offer two finishes of protection films – XPEL Ultimate Plus which is one of the most advanced films on the market due to its self-healing abilities and XPEL Stealth which offers a sleek satin finish. Both protection films backed by a 10-year warranty.

Stage One – Preparation

All vehicles go through the same process regardless of how much coverage you have decided on.

  • Before we start any preparation, we have a thorough inspection of the vehicle. Removing badges and trims is a highly recommended thing to do before our wash as this helps us remove any dirt and allows us to wrap our film to areas where we can hide any edges. We will always discuss this with the customer first before doing so.
  • Wheels and Arches deep cleaned.
  • Vehicle rinsed to remove any heavy dirt before we make contact to the paintwork.
  • Snow Foam applied to the whole car and left to dwell. This loosens any more dirt before contact wash with a mitt.
  • Two Bucket wash method is now used to clean the paintwork as safely as possible. After every panel has been cleaned the mitt is rinsed in the rinse bucket to remove any potential dirt.
  • Fallout remover is then sprayed on to the paintwork removing any remaining fallout which has bonded to the paintwork.
  • The vehicle is brought inside where it will be clayed with a soft supple claybar removing and remaining contamination and then followed with an IPA wipe down removing any chemicals, oils and waxes.
PPF Preparation
PPF Installation

Stage 2 – Installation

  • We will load up the XPEL DAP Software where we will proceed to find the patterns for your vehicle. We will spend 1-2 hours improving the patterns for more wraps and better coverage and cutting the film on our Graphtec plotter.
  • Once all the film has been prepared it will be passed to our professional installers ready to apply all the film to the vehicle.
  • The installers will be patiently installing the film to insure perfect alignment with no contamination on the panels.

Stage 3 – Quality Control

  • This is a very important step as we want to make sure our install is to the highest of quality. We have a thorough process where the car will be looked at in detail. Any areas that need to be addressed will be marked so the installer can rectify or improve before being prepared for hand over.
  • All vehicles will have a 2–3-month high gloss detail spray applied. Glass cleaned, Interiors cleaned, and tyre walls dressed with a non-slip coating.

Recommend Optional Extra

XPEL offer a premium ceramic coating option that is designed to be applied to any XPEL Paint Protection Film. Ceramic Coatings aren’t necessary but is a very option if you want to add it on. It makes the maintenance of the vehicle much easier and efficient as dirt and water is simply repelled by the coating.

PPF Quality Control

Want to protect your vehicle from stone chips? Here at Creative FX we use the strongest and clearest films on the market to stoneguard your vehicle from chips and minor abrasions.

Creative FX PPF treatment is a long-lasting, clear urethane film designed to protect even the most vulnerable of painted surfaces so that you can keep your vehicle in show room condition year after year, without the expense of stone chip repairs. Guaranteed to remain optically clear, it may look like nothing, but that’s the point!


  • Long-lasting stone chip protection
  • Strongest and clearest films on the market
  • Keep your vehicle in showroom condition
  • Guaranteed to remain optically clear
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Ideal for track days and sporting events
  • Used by top race teams

“Stone chips and minor abrasions have become a thing of the past.”

Sean Davis, Director, Creative FX


As a durable film, Creative FX PPF can withstand lubricants, oils and UV rays, so you can wash and wax it as you do the rest of your vehicle. It also contains an anti-corrosion polymer which inhibits rust and mould growth. Don’t worry though you can still apply your printed graphics and logos over the top.

Ideal for Track Days

Creative FX PPF stone protection film is great for track days and sporting events. It’s been tested in extreme on and off road conditions and is used by top race teams within Formula One, FIA GT, NASCAR and A1 Grand Prix.

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