Want to protect your vehicle from stone chips? Here at Creative FX we use the strongest and clearest films on the market to stoneguard your vehicle from chips and minor abrasions.

Creative FX PPF treatment is a long-lasting, clear urethane film designed to protect even the most vulnerable of painted surfaces so that you can keep your vehicle in show room condition year after year, without the expense of stone chip repairs. Guaranteed to remain optically clear, it may look like nothing, but that’s the point!


  • Long-lasting stone chip protection
  • Strongest and clearest films on the market
  • Keep your vehicle in showroom condition
  • Guaranteed to remain optically clear
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Ideal for track days and sporting events
  • Used by top race teams

“Stone chips and minor abrasions have become a thing of the past.”

Sean Davis, Director, Creative FX


As a durable film, Creative FX PPF can withstand lubricants, oils and UV rays, so you can wash and wax it as you do the rest of your vehicle. It also contains an anti-corrosion polymer which inhibits rust and mould growth. Don’t worry though you can still apply your printed graphics and logos over the top.

Ideal for Track Days

Creative FX PPF stone protection film is great for track days and sporting events. It’s been tested in extreme on and off road conditions and is used by top race teams within Formula One, FIA GT, NASCAR and A1 Grand Prix.

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